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Any form of reproduction, trans-
mission, manipulation, display or
 other usage without the permission 
of myself, Judy Rossouw the copyright 
holder, is prohibited.
E-mail me for any info at
 PayPal  and all recognised credit cards
  postage and packing included in price for  UK
            Overseas will be quoted

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Original paintings for sale and
   Pet Portraits Commissions 
       see bottom of page. 
Commisions - Pet portraits
Birds on chimney sold
Ted and baby sold
      To Gallery 
Landscape & Portraits
Cat in Flowers 2 - 340 x 400mm £120
     Lewes castle East Sussex 
   early morning, August 2012 - 6"x 6"  
 £75 supplied in a 4" surround mount. 
              Sunflowers & Ants 350mm x 410mm £150 
(photo with my small Nikon as my scanner only A4 so paper not showing white & little detail)
   Kalanchoe & Shield bugs 300 x 250 mm £50
(full width not shown here as didn't all fit in my scanner)
Hydrangeas & Spiders 400 x 350mm £75
email me
Danny, Quincy & Sweetie   

Dragonflies & Iris 200 x 205mm £120
Pelicans 300 x 300 mm (250 x 250 mm showing through mount supplied) £120
Paper did not all fit in my scanner so actually bigger as in size stated
and no grey shading)
Cat caricature "Cupcake" 8 x 8" £15
Cat caricature "Tiger Lily" 8 x 8" £15
These are my fun cats... all original paintings.  
Teddy "Barney" 350mm x 300mm £120
Baby Owls 35 mm x 30 mm £65 Original watercolour
        (Image was used for a print some time ago)
Pet portraits done from your photographs.
10" x 8 " image size approx 5.5" - £45
12" x 10" image size approx 7.5" - £65
Dragonflies and tulip in green mount 200 x 200 mm
                 Original painting £35
Dragonflies and lily in green mount 200 x 200 mm
                 Original painting £35
Dragonflies and iris in green mount 200 x 200 mm 
                  Original painting £35
These images are all pet portraits that I have done
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